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I know, its been a while!

I just looked at my last blog post and realized its been a long time.

Truthfully I needed to reset. In total last year Ronnie, Jason and I shot almost 100 weddings.
That might not seem like a lot but think about that!
Anyway, Im back and totally refreshed. I spent the last few weeks with Gretchen and Stella oh and Cath : )
For those of you who did not receive a christmas card from us here it is.
As usual its not your typical card. And no the stuffed animals were not in the original picture.


So this new year has presented some huge opportunities for me and the studio.
First off I will be welcoming two new photographers to the team.
Anthony Petrozza is joining as a main photographer and will be shooting his own weddings starting mid year.
We just shot his head shot for the website. Everyone say hi to Anthony!


This means that the studio will now be able to accomodate three weddings in one day.
No more sad faces when the phnoe rings and I’m not available!

Anthony brings a refreshing new approach to the mix and I will be sure to point out all of his work as the new year unfolds.
And in a few days I should have his about page up and a gallery of last years images posted.

Next is a second shooter who has been interning at the office for the past year.
Kerrie Sansky has assisted me and also has shot second camera throughout 2009
Kerrie joins as a second shooter for 2010.
Sorry no photo of Ms. Sansky yet : (

This new year will also have Ronnie and I traveling for a few weddings including an event overseas.
In August we will shoot in Gozo, Malta.
For those of you not familiar with Malta its one of Europe’s smallest countries and is located off the coast of Italy.
Before I signed the contract to shoot the wedding there I did a little bit of research and was totally blown away with how beautiful the country is.
Im really looking forward to this experience.

So hang on everyone this year is going to be as huge as the last two years and I promise to keep it interesting.


Edited to add
Thats right I forgot to mention that in the next few days I will be posting a best of 2009. Plus a little slide show of me and the crew risking our lives to get some awesome images for all of you!

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renee and mike : engaged

How many times have you driven to queens or Kennedy Airport and drove past the old worlds fair grounds. I have memories going back to when I was a teenager of the giant globe (unisphere). Well recently I was driving to a wedding and saw it again. The difference is now I was looking at it in a completely different way. “how cool would it be to shoot a wedding there” I finally got the chance. Renee and Mike live in queens and knew exactly what I was talking about when I said the globe thing. Anthony and I arrived early to scope out the grounds and we couldn’t believe how many cool spots there were to shoot in. We never even made it to the unisphere, thats how much we had to work with. If anyone out there reads this and is having a wedding in queens make sure your photographer takes you there!

Oh yeah, who is Anthony you might ask. He is going to be the next big thing! Seriously, I am in the process of putting together another crew of insanely talented people to shoot events when I am already booked. I will point out Anthonys shots in this post, and so that you can put a face to the name. Here is a photo of Anthony posing for me as we scouted the park.


And now for the reason for the post. Renee and Mike!

Here is Anthonys shot. My angle is from up in the tower. Anthony was kind enough to take a picture of that!
This next one is another of Anthonys.
And the last of Anthony’s, this shot is completely to his credit. He scouted this grass and set up the shot.
Here is my version.

I cant express how awesome this location is for photos. For any of my queens weddings in 2010, lets talk locations!!


update on the weens

Stella also affectionately refered to as Weenie or Weens… Don’t ask, has not had much blog love lately.
So here she is at an incredibly awesome 14 months old. This is by the way the perfect age in my opinion.
Oh yeah, I am purposely leaving Gretchen out of this post Sorry G you always get the spotlight. Just look two posts down.


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